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What to buy before baby is born

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There are so many things involved in getting ready to welcome your little one, especially if it's your first one. Mentally you have to get ready to become a parent and there seems to be just too many things to get for the baby. Although we can't help you to get ready for labour we hope this post can help you in deciding what to get for the baby.

Before we get to the list you should know that there are certain things you wont need that others do, and vice versa. So it's best to know your situation and adjust the list according to your need. Personally, this helped us greatly in deciding what we need and when to get them.

Happy shopping! and we hope this will give you a clearer idea as to what to get for your little one :)


Important big items (must have before baby’s arrival)

  • Bath stand/Bathtub. Bath stand only becomes necessities if you only have showers at home. It’s a great item to have so that you won’t have to kneel when bathing your bubs. Some parents may choose to bathe their babies in sink instead of bathtub. It’s better to get the infant seat support separately from the bathtub if you’d like it to last longer. Bathtub that comes with moulded seat support has less flexibility especially when your baby has grown bigger.
  • Changing table
  • Cot/Bassinet
  • Pram. You don’t necessarily have to get pram before your baby is out.
  • Car seat. Without a car seat installed in your car your baby won’t be able to get in your car and come home, so make sure to get this installed before your due date.

Important small items (better to have before baby’s arrival) 

Note: Make sure to buy clothing items at least a month before your due date so that you can wash them and packed in your hospital bag.

  • Baby Wash
  • Lotion
  • Sponge and face cloth
  • Towel (baby towels are thin and often have hoods) x2
  • Baby wraps/sleeping swaddle x3-6. Muslin, organic cotton or bamboo are great for baby wraps. They are breathable hence your baby won’t overheat. In cooler weather if you like you can get thin merino wool as well.
  • Beanies and mitten.
  • Other Clothings
  • Fitted sheets 2x3
  • Mattress protector
  • Nappies
  • Baby wipes

Nice to have but can buy after baby’s arrival

  • Bottle sterilizer. If you are planning to go back to work or hoping to get a breast pump to relieve your full breasts from time to time you’d definitely need this.
  • Milk bottles. If you are planning to go back to work or hoping to get a breast pump to relieve your full breasts from time to time you’d definitely need this.
  • Breast pump. If you are planning to go back to work you’d need this. If not, you may still want to have them just as a back up. Some moms use it as a relief when the nipple is painful and breast pump came handy in this situation. You can also use it to stimulate your breast when your baby doesn’t latch on properly, or just to express some milk when you have too much and baby is full. Decide on which pump to get depending on your need and situation.
  • Baby monitor. If your baby is sleeping in the same room next to your bed, you probably won’t need this at all. If not, you can get a simple one with sound, or a fancier one with video. If you are on budget it’s actually better to get one with sound and movement sensor. They are probably sufficient enough to give you that peace of mind that your baby is breathing and notify you if your baby is crying or breathing movement isn’t detected.
  • Baby Mobile and other decors
  • Special feeding pillow
  • Car window shade
  • Nappy bag
  • Small nappy pocket bag (Nappy changing station bag)
  • Portacot
  • Baby carrier
  • Baby swing
  • Tummy time mat
  • Toys
  • Play mat
  • Digital thermometer

Can wait until baby is 6months

  • High chair
  • Messy mat

Example of our customized shopping list that has been colour coded.