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Tips on buying baby shoes

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So you've just had a baby, or he/she has started to stand up, or perhaps you know someone with a cute baby and you just can't resist to buy shoes for him/her. Before you buy your baby or your nephew/niece or your friend's baby a pair of shoes, it's good to know what you should look for. 

Babies feet are precious, they are soft as they are still growing. Our feet consists of 26 bones and ligaments. Many would say that your baby shouldn't wear any shoes yet, but (as you know) there are times when you want to dress your baby up a little bit fancier or there are times when you need to protect their tiny feet from possible hazardous items, especially when they begin to learn how to walk. Here are few points you should consider before buying baby shoes.

Is the sole bendable? 

It is highly recommended that babies wear soft sole shoes instead of the usual thick rubber/plastic soled shoes. Wearing soft sole shoes will help babies to walk faster as they can feel the ground, hence they will be more comfortable and confident walking. This also allow them to use their toes to grip the floor as they walk, developing strong ankles and flexible foot bones. Strong foot creates a solid foundation for bone and muscle formation in the rest of the body, especially the spinal column. Most of our bone growth depend upon healthy feet throughout our entire lives, starting from infancy. Do not buy shoes with plastic or hard soles, instead we would recommend shoes with breathable materials like fabrics. Leather or suede baby shoes are great as the soles are made of grippy fabric.

What material is the shoes made of? 

Look for soft and breathable materials. Remember, plastic is a big NO NO! Those tiny feet need some flexibility and materials that is not constrictive. This will allow your baby's feet to grow naturally and she will be more comfortable in it.

Is it roomy around the toes area? 

When buying baby shoes make sure to get the one that has enough room around the toes. It is good to measure your baby's feet before buying the shoes. We would recommend buying one size bigger if you are not sure.

How is it fastened? 

Some babies may kick and try to find a way to take off the shoes. So shoes with pratical fasteners like soft elastics and velcros are good. They shouldn't be too tight or restrictive. Laces are pretty but it may take time to lace it up everytime.

We hope our tips will be helpful in finding the perfect shoes for those precious tiny feet. Happy feet, happy pre-walking babies.