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Easy way to decorate your baby nursery

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Are you preparing to welcome the little one? We know that there are way to many things to do, hence we created this list to (hopefully) help you decorate the nursery in an easy and practical way :) 

1. Decide on the colour theme

Decide and stick with one colour theme. If you like neutral colours, get birch or natural pine for your furniture. If you are a fan of monochrome, get black or grey or dark brown furniture. You can also get white coloured furnitures and easily match it with any other colours (e.g. blue, beige, yellow, grey). These three colour themes are great as they are gender neutral and can be matched with other colours that it wont clash. 

2. Create mood board and sketch

Sketching helps you to visualise your idea and communicate with your partner easier. You don't have to be a good drawer to sketch :) You can also visualise your idea by creating a mood board (some call it inspiration board) on pinterest or your desktop. Look up for a few nursery decors that you like and categorise them under each theme (if you have more than one theme in mind)

3. Essential first then decorate

Have all the essential furnitures like cot, changing table, wardrobe, sofa or chair, shelf, etc and then start with the decorations. You can decorate the wall easily with garlands and photo frames. Think of the practicality and it is even better if you can get items that do not collect a lot of dust quickly. If you'd like to go the extra mile, you can invest in wall decals. Make sure they are good quality and can be removed easily. Below are some gender neutral wall decals that we like.


4. Decorate with items usable items

Another way to decorate the nursery is by picking the items that are not only nice to see, but also useful for your baby's development. Install baby mobile above the cot to light up the mood and at the same time to soothe your baby. The good thing about baby mobile is that you can remove it easily and change it with other decor in the future.

5. Have customized items for added personal touch

Customized softies, garlands or baby mobile with your baby's name to add personal touch into the room. It will definitely make the room more special. You can also paint or print an artwork with your baby's name and frame it :) Customized softies are great as your baby can see it and it makes a perfect photo prop anytime.

We hope you will have lots of fun decorating your special nursery :) Remember to stick with your colour theme and don't over-complicate the combination.